Yoga to lose weight: go with the flow

Yoga to lose weight: go with the flow

Have you ever felt out of balance: bloated and disorganized, with no clear mental focus?

Yoga can help you relax and feel more energetic and productive. Louise Hay, author of the best-selling book Self-help, links all physical symptoms of the body with potential emotional causes, and says that weight gain or overweight is a symbol of clinging to something that no longer serves us.

Regular yoga practice can not only make you look slim and flexible, but also help you feel this way from the inside out. Don't worry, we're not here to tell you to try to build a "yoga figure", just like the pictures everywhere on social media.

Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes. Yoga is suitable for everyone, and there is a practice mode and type suitable for everyone.

But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still feel heavy and listless, and our ability to concentrate is weakened. When major changes occur, such as job changes, relationship changes and dramatic world news, life sometimes makes us feel uncontrollable. In yoga, this state is an unnecessary basic or heavy solid energy. Even if we try our best to take care of ourselves, external influences will accumulate and make us feel heavy inside and outside.

By taking more active activities on the yoga mat, you can get rid of anything that is holding you back physically, mentally and spiritually. Active yoga can help your body enter a self-cleaning mode and stimulate your digestion, circulation and lymphatic system. It's very important to remove toxins from the body.

Some postures will promote the release of wastes and toxins, which may slow down your speed. Try twisting to enhance liver and kidney function and stimulate your digestion.

Folding forward is an excellent way to compress abdominal organs and promote excretion. Inversion reverses the flow of liquid from feet and legs to the heart.

75% of our immune system is located in our intestines. If we fill our stomachs with processed foods filled with chemicals, we will not only gain weight, but also damage our ability to fight diseases. Combining a balanced diet with dynamic yoga posture is an excellent way to feel and show the best state.

Say goodbye to inflation, stagnation and emotional negativity. The more energetic you feel, the more you want to keep a stable yoga and healthy habit to promote your health.

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