Yoga to Boost Immunity

Yoga to Boost Immunity

How are you feeling today? Did you sleep well last night? Are you energetic and ready to make the most of your day? If so, great! This is an excellent signal that your immune system is working at its best. However, if you sleep intermittently and feel stressed, you are not alone.

Here are 4 kinds of yoga which can support and strengthen your immune system and help you keep healthy all season!

Stress is one of the main factors of weak immune system.

Yoga helps to lower your cortisol level. When your cortisol level is high, your system is in a mode of fighting or running away. If you meet a bear on hiking or your kayak capsizes, this is very important. But this adrenaline surge is short-lived, to save your life. If you are worried or stressed all the time, your cortisol level will be out of balance and other parts of your body will be exhausted. As a result, you become sick easily or feel exhausted constantly.

Yoga helps to raise the level of serotonin, resulting in a positive and happy feeling.

Pose and pranayama are powerful ways to change your feelings. By naturally improving your mood, you can focus on the positive side more easily and minimize the negative side, and your nervous system can balance the rhythm stably. When you are in balance, you can resist bacteria and germs more easily, which means that you are less likely to catch a cold or flu.

Sleep is the number one way to recover and keep healthy.

Yoga promotes quiet and deep sleep. Through regular postures (postures) and breath-taking (breathing work), you can help eliminate physical tension, calm your thoughts and emotions, and let yourself fall asleep. Yoga sleep is another way to restore and soothe your body, mind and soul.

Lymphatic system is basically the sewage system of human body.

Yoga helps to expel toxins by stimulating lymphatic flow, which can clear away toxins and stagnation in our bodies. Unlike a circulatory system with a heart to pump fresh blood, the lymphatic system has no pump, and relies on exercise and breathing to draw out things that can cause diseases. Practicing yoga encourages lymph to flow more effectively with every exercise and deep breathing.

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