Yoga for Stress Relief & Unwinding

Yoga for Stress Relief & Unwinding

Have you noticed that every time you step on a yoga mat, it is a different experience? Sometimes we choose the fast-paced sweating type and others we seek a calmer type of practice. Although all yoga helps relieve stress, taking time to slow down and relax can nourish your system at a deeper level. This week, we will bring you a slow course specially designed to help you restore the balance of your system.

One of the most profound ways that slower yoga practice affects us is to relieve our parasympathetic nervous system. Keeping posture for a long time, such as yin yoga, will encourage us to respond to adrenaline in quiet "fighting or running away". When you stay on each side of Sleeping Swan (Half Pigeon) for a few minutes, not only the tight muscles and connective tissue begin to relax, but also the mind becomes quiet and the heart rate slows down. When you can slow down and leave the rest of the day for even a little while, you are replenishing your energy and calming your nervous system.

We store emotional stress in our bodies. Restorative and slow-paced yoga classes allow you to shift your consciousness inward and adjust your feelings. When you simply breathe and relax, a sense of freedom will arise to check your thoughts and emotions. Tight hips often correspond to untreated emotions and past injuries. Anxiety around professional and financial difficulties often occupies our shoulders, neck and spine. By slowing down and giving these areas time to release, we can gradually release layers of pain in our tissues.

At the same time, in the slower yoga class, stillness encourages deeper self-awareness. Although fast-paced meditation can be a kind of moving meditation, keeping time posture can help us enter deeper meditation. Quiet class before going to bed is the best choice to encourage quiet sleep. Practicing handstands with support, such as Vi Parati Carani (legs up to the wall), will trigger the relaxation reaction of your nervous system. Yin can also be appropriate whenever you need to refresh yourself from the inside out and find your sense of calm.

It is powerful to take your time, especially if most of your life is busy and full of actions. A slow yoga class can make you feel the same after a good sleep. This week's yoga class is an excellent tool to relieve stress and reset the system. Give it all a try and see how good you feel!

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