Yoga for Focus & Motivation

Yoga for Focus & Motivation

After a great yoga practice, you may have experienced how your mind becomes clearer, calmer and more balanced. Many practitioners find that the spiritual benefits of yoga are the most important, even more important than the strong and soft body.

Who doesn't want to be focused, motivated and able to fully experience life? This week's class will relieve stress and improve your ability to focus and motivate yourself.

Interested in why and how yoga can do this? Go back about 5,000 years and tap the wisdom of yoga classics. Yoga Sutra 1.2 Cittavriti Nirodhah is often translated as: Yoga is an ability to guide the soul without distraction and interruption. This skill is very difficult, and it needs to be practiced for a long time, but it can be achieved!

Patanjali outlined a practical operation manual for reaching yoga state: Eight-limb Yoga Path. The eight limbs are:

1. Yamas—the five moral restraints

2. Niyamas—the five moral observances

3. Asana—physical asanas or postures

4. Pranayama—mindful breathing

5. Pratyahara—withdrawal of the senses

6. Dharana—concentration

7. Dhyana—meditation

8. Samadhi—absorption/enlightment/union

Focus or Dharana is the sixth limb, which is the act of completely focusing or directing your attention to something. In order to reach Darana, which is regarded as the first level of meditation, it is very important to recover touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, and turn these senses inward. By practicing asana and pranayama first, you are ready for your mind to sink into a deeper yoga state.

When we concentrate on breathing and exercise, the busyness in our brains will be quiet. By freeing ourselves from outside interference, we can really focus on what we want.

Life is quite busy. Although we may like to slow down and give ourselves some time to reap the benefits promised by yoga practice, sometimes it is difficult to find time in practice. Yoga urges you to slow down, but sometimes, work, housework, responsibilities and family responsibilities don't give you a chance to spread your mat.

If you find it difficult to deal with a busy schedule, you may have taken yoga as something you don't have time to do, and began to refuse those hours of the day that only belong to you. It's important to give yourself some time. Yoga can greatly benefit your physical and mental health-so don't treat it as unimportant so quickly.

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