Yoga for Every Body

Yoga for Every Body

What do a person who has just recovered from back surgery, a woman who can resume exercise after giving birth, an triathlete and a dancer have in common? They are all people who can do yoga.

No matter who you are, yoga is inclusive and accessible. There is no such thing as "yoga body". If you have a figure, you can do yoga. It's as simple as that.

Krishna Machaya, the father of modern yoga, is believed to have created what we know as Wenyasa Yoga. One of his guiding principles is to "teach what is beneficial to the individual." At first, he taught young boys hatha yoga in a school in Mysore, India. For many years, women were not allowed to practice or teach yoga. All this changed in 1937 when Krishna Machaya admitted Indra Devi to his school. She is the first female student in Indian Dojo and the first western woman.

Indra Devi is considered as one of the main teachers who bring yoga to all over the world, including America. Just as Indra Devi changed the "rules" of who can become a yogi, in this era, anyone who wants to practice yoga can. Another famous disciple of Krishna Marchal, B.K.S Iyengar, left a yoga legacy focusing on alignment and breathing control. Iyengar is a child with many physical diseases. He uses some props in yoga practice, such as building blocks, belts and chairs, to let students experience postures that they may not be able to accomplish in other ways.

Therefore, ignore the stereotypes you see on Instagram and tap the wisdom and strength of these yoga masters. The beauty of yoga is that there are countless styles and adaptations, so you can find yoga to adapt to any physical or perceptual limitations. Today, we want to be part of the solution of offering yoga classes to encourage and welcome everyone to try.

One of the many advantages of online yoga is that you can do it in your own privacy without some insecurity when you enter public courses. Trying different styles and teachers can help you find yoga classes that make you feel happy and cheerful. Gaiafitt welcomes you to join us.

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