Yoga for Abundance & Generosity

Yoga for Abundance & Generosity
In America, we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, usually with family and friends gathering and a big feast. In 2020, this kind of celebration may be impossible, and many people may be lonely. It's time to focus on the inside and look at all your talents, regardless of the external environment. Cultivating a grateful attitude will bring more positive and happiness to your life.

Many of us can easily fall into a mode of focusing on what we want and desire in our lives, thus ignoring what we already have. The focus of yoga philosophy is to shift our perspective or polish our lenses for observing the world. Life is not easy-we all go through difficult times, whether it's illness, death of relatives, loss of job or loss of love. Mourning the things that have passed away or worrying about the things that will come soon will make us fall into negative patterns and focus on the things that are missing in our lives.

We don't mean pretending everything is sunshine and roses. We need to deal with our own affairs before we can move forward on this journey called life. However, if you choose to cultivate an attitude of focusing on what we have-the ability to practice yoga, the beauty of sunset or the feeling of the breeze blowing your cheeks, whatever it is for you-there will always be something to be grateful for. It's always been.

One of the best ways to feel more richness and love is to share it with others. Have you noticed how warm your heart is when you give to others instead of accepting them? Extending a helping hand to people who are going through difficult times, smiling at strangers, or giving forward in any way that can resonate with you will not only change other people's lives, but also your own.

Another way to recognize all the gifts you have is to write down three things you are grateful for every day. The scope of our attention has expanded, and the more we pay attention to our talents, the more actively we become our default setting.

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