Yoga For A Happy & Healthy Mind

Yoga For A Happy & Healthy Mind

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is the process of adjusting your thoughts and emotions and understanding your own personal truth. When we use the tools of continuous yoga practice, we learn to eliminate interference and external influences and listen to our inner voice. Greed or false perception is ignorance-it is impossible to see things as they really are. Yoga practice is moving from these misunderstandings to Viveka, an ability to clearly identify and see.

Physical exercises help us relax our muscles and begin to go deep into our hearts. Yoga tells us that all we need is inner, and we only need to pay attention. Patanjali's yoga sutras include the eight-limb yoga path. Niyamas, or moral ceremony, is a concrete step to achieve peace of mind.

One of Niyamas is Svadhyaya, which means self-study. Svadhyaya includes the study of texts, authors and teachers, but it also means self-examination and reflection. By exercising and breathing attentively, we can eliminate interference and concentrate on our thoughts and feelings. Simply rest your mind for an hour, focus on feeling and breathing, and give you space to think deeply. We become quiet enough to study our beliefs and listen to our inner knowledge.

Through physical exercises and meditation, we learn to control our reactions to what is happening around us. Yoga is a kind of ability, which can lead the mind to an object completely and keep it in this direction without any interference. Yoga sutra 1.2 Citta Vritti Nirodhah. Maybe it just means you can be patient in challenging situations that triggered you in the past. Or you can keep the status quo under uncomfortable circumstances and know that everything is temporary. Yoga can help you learn to follow your intuition and put it into action.

As a result of being present in your practice, you can gain greater concentration, mindfulness and clarity. This week's course will help you move towards a more balanced and happy outlook on life. Of course, feeling stronger and softer on the outside supports inner strength!

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