yoga comfortably in your own home

yoga comfortably in your own home

In the current global pandemic, it is more important than ever for us to pay attention to mindfulness. You may be young and healthy, but many people in our community are vulnerable, especially the elderly and people with impaired immune system. Many external events around us are beyond our control, but we can control our reaction to this temporary new normal of "social distance". Yoga studio is closed or restricted, but you can continue to practice with us.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to take advantage of your current home exercises:

1. Practice in the morning, noon or evening-it's up to you!

Usually, we need to arrange our schedule to adapt to the studio schedule, and spend time trying to arrive on time in traffic. When you arrive at the mat, you will feel flustered and impatient simply because you have to rush. I won't. You can select the exact time you want to press to play.

2. More choices

Besides choosing when to practice yoga, you also have a variety of course styles, lengths and teachers. Sometimes you need a soft lesson, but you only have 45 minutes. It's done. Sometimes you need a vibrant Vinyasa or Ashtanga or fill in the blanks. Sometimes you want to combine fitness, Pilates and yoga. You are free to choose what suits your mood at any time.

3. Family yoga practice is helpful to cultivate self-discipline and self-awareness.

Yes, you have an excellent teacher to guide you from your mobile phone, computer or TV, but it's up to you. You must filter out interferences that may not exist in the yoga studio space, such as pets, partners or children. Cultivating self-discipline or Tappas is a vital part of yoga. Now is your chance to improve self-discipline. When it's just you and your yoga mat, you have the opportunity to dig deeper, listen to your breath, and pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

All these factors contribute to your progress as a yogi. Look at one of the four top courses-whether you want a vibrant course, a relaxing course or an intense exercise. This is the beauty of choice.

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