Why You Don't Need To Be Flexible to Start Doing Yoga

Why You Don't Need To Be Flexible to Start Doing Yoga

If you are thinking about starting yoga, but lack of flexibility hinders you-don't let it stop you! It is a great myth that yoga requires flexibility, and flexibility is not a necessary condition for putting on a mat. In fact-yoga practice can actually improve your flexibility. As time goes by, the more yoga you practice, the more you can see this improvement.

Every yogi starts from somewhere, and even the most flexible person can not bend his body into a difficult position at the beginning. If your flexibility is not very good, yoga can improve your flexibility. If flexibility is not one of your goals, yoga can also improve your posture, balance and strength. Even bodybuilders can't lift the heaviest weight from the beginning-they train from the bottom, as well as yoga and flexibility. Progress comes from hard work and diligence, starting from scratch.

Yoga practice can help you stretch your muscles through basic posture and stretching, which means that you will not be perfect on the first day. Repetition of yoga helps to increase your flexibility. The more you practice, the more flexible you become. You can enter every position more deeply and further increase your flexibility. Therefore, repetition can make the body more flexible!

If you feel pain or discomfort in yoga practice, building blocks, belts, mats and other props can help support your body. You shouldn't push your body beyond what it can do-on the contrary, flexibility will increase with time. Props can also add more length to your body and further stretch your body.

That's why when you start practicing yoga for the first time, it's important to invest a certain amount of time. Courses here and there may be good for relieving muscle soreness, but they do not help your flexibility. You may think that you need to be flexible immediately, especially if you are looking for the guidance of a higher-level yogi, but what you don't see is that everyone has experienced time, effort and journey to reach those advanced stages. Only one class a week can increase mobility and flexibility.

You don't need to be flexible when you start yoga. In fact, when it comes to flexibility, your body may have its limits. Remember this, remember that your body will set its own limits, so you may not be able to reach the same posture as others. It's important not to fall into the trap of self-comparison, especially to show the images of the complex postures of flexible yogis on social media!

Besides strength, endurance and balance, you can also set flexibility as your fitness goal. But remember what your body can do, and remember that yoga is more than flexibility. Yoga can also improve your strength, connect you more closely with your body, relieve stress, and help you calm your mind and practice mindfulness. It's about the connection between spirit and body, which makes your body sink into every position. You can start with a beginner's course, which will make it easy for you to enter practice, and then enter a more challenging course as the journey continues.

If you are still worried about being inflexible, please remember that yoga is a controlled and disciplined exercise, which requires a lot of control and strength. In fact, most injuries come from pushing your body to be too flexible, whether by overstretching or relaxing into a posture.

Flexible people are actually more vulnerable because they can get used to relaxing their bodies in all directions. This may actually be more dangerous! Even if you may be stiff, you can use props and proper guidance from qualified teachers to help you feel more comfortable and stretch in the right position. This can help you not to force your body into a position that it cannot reach.

When you improve your flexibility, you may find that your progress stops after a while. This may be because it takes more time and patience in a difficult position-or it may be your bone structure. When we talk about flexibility and range of motion, not only muscles, but also your bone structure plays a huge role in determining your physical ability. Everyone's bone structure is unique, which gives us a strong foundation for sports. If you are in a position, but you reach a point where you can't go any further and no longer feel stretching, it can be attributed to the compression of your bones. This has the greatest impact on your hips and shoulders. Basically, if you can't go further with your flexibility, it may be your bone structure, which is absolutely ok! Yoga is the ability to explore your body, create space and stretch in a comfortable way.

In a word, yoga can not only enhance flexibility, but also enhance strength, endurance and balance, as well as spiritual benefits, so if you are worried that you are not flexible enough, there are many other reasons to use. If you are still worried, please remember that by practicing regularly, your flexibility will be improved and you will find it easier!

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