Slow down: yoga relaxes and recharges

Slow down: yoga relaxes and recharges

Have you entered the New Year's resolution mode of thinking, but you haven't spent enough time relaxing after a busy holiday? It is essential to promote the balance between action and rest. The "doing" mode of life helps to realize our wishes and goals, but if we don't pay attention, it is easy to fall into a state of doing nothing. Why not try the attitude that less is more this week?

One of the true talents of yoga is to teach us how to live in the present-not to predict the future, and not to miss the past. If we focus too much on what will happen next, we can't fully present what is happening now. Consider some activities that you like. You are just on the move-running, surfing, gardening, dancing, listening to music or whatever you are in perfect condition.

Consider taking a step back, slowing down, finding your sense of mobility and nourishing yourself. Of course, it's a New Year, but it doesn't mean that no matter how you feel, you need to go all out. Check in now: Do you feel relaxed or heavy in some way? A quieter yoga style allows you to dive deeper and truly feel what appears in every pose. Choose a quieter way to create more inner peace.

It is very important to balance the output of body energy. This week's lesson will help you by developing your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your relaxation response. When we are busy with our work, our adrenal glands may fall into the mode of "fighting or running away", which means that we are getting exhausted. Stress is a fact in life, and it is the key to use various yoga forms to keep our own balance.

The slower type of yoga is designed to help restore and restore not only your physical energy, but also your emotional and spiritual energy. When you calm down and don't need any action except breathing and relaxing, a sense of freedom will arise, where you can examine your thoughts and emotions. Slow-paced classes are a great way to prepare for meditation and deep meditation.

Life is a dance between rest and work, softness and strength, yin and yang. When we make time to really relax and restore our body, mind and spirit, we will create more energy for the times we need. This is a new year, and it's time to start again. Choose to take care of yourself and enjoy these practices designed for you.

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