Leg Yoga: Build a strong foundation & become strong from scratch!

Leg Yoga: Build a strong foundation & become strong from scratch!

In yoga practice, just like in life, if you want to be strong, it is very important to build a healthy foundation.

Without a solid foundation, it is impossible to advance to a higher level. Consider that if a skyscraper or even a two-story building is built without proper preparation of the soil below: any change of the earth, excessive rain or other changes will cause the structure to collapse.

Just as architects design a building that is safe, strong and can stand the test of time, yogis need to create a strong and injury-resistant body from scratch. A good yoga instructor will teach standing yoga posture from the position of feet and legs. Without proper alignment of the feet, the knees will be stressed, the pelvis will be dislocated, and the spine will be damaged. Standing posture is very suitable for building strong and flexible legs and creating a proper balance of stability and flexibility in hips and pelvis.

In addition to the observed physical benefits of stronger muscles, stronger bones and healthy joints, yoga is also beneficial to delicate bodies, or blueprints of our bodies. Seven main chakras, that is, the base or part of the energy channel running through our whole system, are located along the spine. Focusing on the lower body is beneficial to the root or Muradala chakra.

Mullahla, located at the bottom of the spine, is associated with the earth elements and meets basic needs, such as food, shelter, safety and family-survival. If basic needs are not dealt with first, it is easy for you to stay in a simple mode of survival, instead of making progress and enhancing your highest potential.

How can you worry about enlightenment when you don't know where your next meal will come from or where you will sleep tonight?

Strengthening your legs and hips has corresponding benefits, creating a strong and balanced root chakra. Letting go of the pressure and tension in your lower body will not only increase your physical strength, but also help you solve the unresolved emotional problems.

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