How to Stay Healthy, Calm & Courageous During COVID-19

How to Stay Healthy, Calm & Courageous During COVID-19

Life as we know it is different in ways you may never have imagined. At this moment, I feel that Mother Earth has pressed the pause button for all of us. No one can escape the unprecedented challenge we are facing. As the prince sang-we are all here to tide over the difficulties together! We'll get to the other side.

Yoga teaches us that everything is temporary. Everything. We are now faced with a choice: to regard this moment as an opportunity for reflection and growth, or as a time of frustration and failure. It's all a matter of perspective.

We are in it, why don't we make full use of this forced isolation, which is basically a virtual cocoon? Choose to appear as a butterfly.

This time is a great opportunity to pay attention to your health and strengthen your immune system. Whether you become busier because you educate your children at home and work at home, or feel adrift because you can't work at all, give yourself a few minutes.

When you reflect during or after practice, remind yourself of all your blessings. Maybe when everything else in your life is put on hold, you can turn your attention to appreciate what you have. We can't control external events, but we can control our reactions to them. Focus on how lucky you are, have health, have a place to live, have friends and family, even if you can't be physically with them now. Remind yourself that someone will always benefit from a phone call, an email or a letter-someone who needs extra care.

Challenge yourself to think about all the things you put off because you don't have time to do them. Here you are! Take an online language course, reread your favorite books, learn how to stand upside down, clean up terrible closets, or watch every performance of Netflix if you like. You have time now, so choose where you want to go. Don't forget yoga!

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