How does yoga help things get on track

How does yoga help things get on track

Yoga can attract you to do what you dream of like a magnet. Unfortunately, it is not fairy dust that you can sprinkle on the cushion. Shifts don't happen overnight. Besides, you can't simply mumble a Sanskrit spell to realize your hope. This is a journey of work, love and intense self-reflection. It adopts the Tappas-Yoga moral concept of discipline and austerity.

For many people, yoga is just a fancy exercise, or a calm moment of decompression or careful stretching. However, yoga is much more. This is a science, a healthy system, a way of life, a philosophy and, more importantly, a road to clarity and happiness. The beauty of yoga lies in its flexibility to adapt to your life and needs. There are countless ways to practice, just like explaining the meaning of a word.

The word yoga comes from a word that means bondage or unity. An all-encompassing way to conceptualize this is to combine the self with everything-with the source of all possibilities. The true magic of yoga can occur in the sincere realization of the concept of "the wedding ceremony"-the light in my heart recognizes and respects the light in your heart. "

When we realize this, there will be a great surrender-defense decline-prejudice decline. Everything becomes you, and you become everything. Of course, this is not a sudden change, but a gradual learning over time-this concept, like yoga, is endless and deepening.

At first, yoga implied me with all Sanskrit words and postures. The intricate curves of ancient Chinese characters seem more elusive than those of Korean. Sitting upright in a cross-legged position is a physical torment, and it seems an impossible feat to keep the tree posture for more than 5 seconds. Nevertheless, I still have a deep resonance in my heart. When I continue to practice and learn yoga, I feel a truth, which is growing and interwoven with everything on and off my life.

Similar to what you may have read in books such as Secrets or articles about the Law of Attraction, once you start yoga—or make your own efforts to seek health and clarity—things in life will be in place effortlessly. Have a job, of course, there are some difficulties, because you are faced with the task of cleaning up the mud. Once the road is clear, you can still choose to follow it, listen to it, or reject it. If you choose to take a step forward, it is worth it.

Here are some examples of opportunities that yoga brings to my life. Just one month before I graduated from yoga teacher training, a job fell on my lap. A yoga school graduate sent an email asking people to take over her classes. In response to the later period, I thought it was a long opportunity, but I got this job, and besides, it also brought an opportunity to be a teaching tutor and lead a youth class. These two benefits have always been my silent dream.

Except yoga, all other jobs seem to fall on my shoulders. I want to find a way out of this dead-end job so that I can babysit and teach yoga. Suddenly, the sister of a family I used to take care of once a year called me and asked me to take care of her daughter several times a week. I found out that she had been training and teaching Bikram yoga before she got pregnant. Our friendship grows day by day, and we continue to find similarities in each other. I love this little girl, and it has become a wonderful job. Through her, I got in touch with the other four families where I work now. The families I often work for need me to work together perfectly and synchronously in opposing days.

Here, the deeper meaning of the word yoga is realized. Everything becomes chaotic, and you can see how each line is seamlessly connected. It doesn't matter whether you consciously understand the vocabulary and concepts of yoga, can stand on your head perfectly, or can practice patience in every situation-it's a journey, but the important thing is that you start.

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