How does yoga help purify your body & the best posture for detoxification

How does yoga help purify your body & the best posture for detoxification

It is said that yoga has rich health benefits, one of which is its detoxification ability. But can yoga really help you detoxify by twisting your posture and taking a deep breath?

The answer is yes, but not alone. Your body already has its own detoxification system, and it works well, and practicing yoga can only help this process. However, while talking about yoga and detoxification, there are some misunderstandings, but here is how yoga practice actually helps detoxification.

Like all physical exercises, yoga will help the body's natural detoxification system work in the expected way.

These natural detoxification systems are composed of lymphatic system, blood flow and digestive organs of the body. Lymphatic system and blood circulation continuously transport waste to liver, kidney and other digestive organs. These wastes and other toxins absorbed by your body, such as air pollution, are then filtered and eliminated by body functions, such as urine, sweat, wastes and breathing.

People think that yoga helps your body's natural detoxification process. This belief begins with the foundation of Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar Yoga teaches that twisting posture will produce a squeezing and soaking action-when you compress your organs by twisting, you will squeeze out waste, and when you release twisting, fresh blood will be delivered to your organs, which is a bit like wringing out an old dirty towel and cleaning it with clear water. This idea can also be applied to the spine's response to yoga distortion. Your spine is made up of twisted spine. As time goes by, gravity and old age will compress these intervertebral discs, causing them to lose water. Torsion will increase the circulation of vertebrae and make your spine healthy.

The Iyengar concept of squeezing and soaking is a simple way to explain how distortion stimulates our organs. When these organs are stimulated, this kick will start our natural detoxification process, metabolism and excretion rate.

Distortion also stimulates our circulatory system, releasing the tension in the spine, abdomen and chest. They also make us sweat-another natural detoxification function.

Generating heat is another technique that helps detoxification in yoga. Sweating is the body's second detoxification system, which supports our organs. Whenever the liver and kidney can't filter out toxins, they are stored in fat cells. However, sweating helps release toxins-a study found that sweat contains heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. This is not to say that you can "sweat" on a particularly unhealthy night-anything you consume will still pass through your body's digestive system. Sweating also helps maintain healthy skin, release endorphins and prevent overheating.

These detoxification systems naturally exist in the body and can function normally without external stimulation. However, regular yoga practice can help detoxify and make the system run more efficiently.

Other things you can do include limiting high odds and alcohol to maintain a healthy liver; Drink plenty of water to help the digestive tract, limit the chemicals in external products in contact with the body, and participate in professional training regularly.

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