Five reasons for adding Pilates to our daily life today

Five reasons for adding Pilates to our daily life today

We are very happy to share a unique new program, which is the perfect combination of Pilates and Yoga, from Claire Petreti Marty. Although Pilates and Yoga have some similarities, they are quite different in practice. The combination of these two practices provides unparalleled benefits to your body, mind and spirit. These two ways complement each other, and adding Pilates to your daily life can help you raise your yoga practice to a new level.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method created by Joseph Pilates and recorded in his 1945 book Pilates Return to Life through Control. In Pilates, the core part is called the dynamic chamber, which focuses on strengthening the deep abdomen, oblique muscles and back to create an elastic support system to protect the spine. Joseph Pilates believes that age is not measured by age, but by the softness of spine.

The traditional Pilates method is a series of 34 exercises, each of which is repeated 5 to 10 times and smoothly carried out on the mat. Attention to deep rhythm movement, coupled with increasingly challenging exercises, has established a stable center, which helps to lengthen the lateral body and create a strong and soft physique. Although flexibility is a key component of practice, for those who need to correct excessive activities, focusing on strength is excellent. Focusing on continuous deep breathing is also a key element of practice.

Several pieces of equipment, such as general reformer, Wenda chair and Cadillac, use springs and pulleys to increase resistance. Whether you do Pilates on a mat or in a studio with different equipment, the purpose is the same: to strengthen your center. Strengthening your center with this precise training method will enhance your yoga practice.

Five ways to improve yoga practice by Pilates;

1. Strengthen your core, and use it consciously in your yoga practice to help balance your posture, whether it is one foot or handstand.

2. From creating greater symmetry and length to side body, improve alignment. This translates into better alignment of all your yoga poses.

3. Improve your physical awareness, focus on precise and focused intensive exercises, and see how your awareness is improved on the yoga mat.

4. Through every Pilates exercise, pay attention to conscious breathing in a disciplined way, and enhance your ability to regulate interest.

5. Prevent injuries: If your core is not strong enough and you don't use your center correctly in yoga practice, you may overcompensate other parts of your body and get hurt.

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