Find Your Flow

Find Your Flow
Depending on which hemisphere you live in, you have just celebrated the summer solstice or the winter solstice. A long summer characterized by sunshine and short nights or long nights, used for rest and recuperation. No matter where you are, take time to check in and ask yourself if you are living on the move now. When we are in mobility or region, we are consistent with ourselves, our community and nature.

If you feel in a straight line, great! If you need some encouragement and support to find your best rhythm, we are ready to help you. We will work together to find our flow on the yoga mat, so that we can take away our renewed sense of connection from the mat for the rest of the day. Vinyasa mobile yoga is a great way to create strength, balance, flexibility and connection.

Vinyasa translated from Sanskrit means to place in a special or sacred way. Vinyasa Flow Yoga emphasizes the connection between breathing and exercise, and creates a kind of moving meditation on the cushion. Courses can be energetic and physically challenging, emphasizing fiery energy, or soft and fluent, emphasizing elegance and gentleness. Unlike yoga, where postures are in a fixed order, such as Astona or Hot, the Venessa Stream course is diverse and creative, emphasizing the coach's personal style and order.

When you practice connecting your breath with every movement, your mind will naturally calm down, and the feeling in your body will guide you. While building strong bones and healthy joints, you also stay away from interference and establish contact with your emotions. Deliberately emphasizing the creation of a continuous flow exercise can make you generate heat, create a balanced body and relieve stress and anxiety. The end result is to feel in the flow with yourself and the world around you.

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