Feel the connection between nature and yoga

Feel the connection between nature and yoga

One of the greatest ways to feel connected with the world inside you and the world around you is to walk into nature.

When you spend too much time indoors or bury your nose in a mobile phone or computer screen, you can easily lose consciousness of your feelings. While yoga teaches us to use conscious breathing and exercise to get rid of distractions and integrate into the present, walking into nature allows us to feel the connection only through existence.

Take your yoga to outdoor parks or beaches, where you can breathe clean air, enjoy beautiful scenery and enhance the countless benefits of yoga.

Being in nature reminds us that we are connected with something greater than ourselves.

Ujayii pranayama, which worships Japanese under warm and sunny sky or practices ocean vocalization beside the ocean, can relieve our nervous system. We blend in with the world around us.

Nature reminds us to embrace the fragrance of flowers, the sound of birds and bees, the feeling of grass under our feet, the sight of undulating sky and the feeling of the earth under our toes. Similarly, in meditation, we learn to allow our thoughts to fluctuate without responding to them, because we know that they are temporary and fleeting. Learning to go with the flow and keeping our feet on the ground at present is one of the main goals of yoga.

Even if you can't be on the grass or beach outside, many elements of yoga can help you imagine it. Several asanas in yoga are symbols of nature, which embody the foundation of the earth, the lightness of air, the flow of water and the heat of fire.

You may have heard that yoga instructors use some descriptions to evoke great outdoor activities, such as taking root in the mountains (mountain style) or stretching up in the trees, just like branches. Another way of imitating nature in yoga is many postures named after animals such as eagle (Garuda Sana), crow (Ba Casana) and tortoise (Kuer Macana). When we spread our wings or sharpen our focus, we are absorbing the power of these wildlife to feel the connection with the universe.

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