Create your healthiest spine and back with yoga

Create your healthiest spine and back with yoga

Have you noticed that when you are worried about money, suddenly, your lower back "goes out"? Or are you reprimanded at work and have a spasm in your neck? Of course, suffering from physical injury or an orgasm with poor posture in a lifetime can lead to pain, but what happens inside is often the root of external pain. Yoga's three-pronged focus on physical, emotional and mental health provides relief for your back pain at every level.

In yoga philosophy, subtle body is the blueprint of material body. The subtle body consists of energy or Plana, which flows through a channel called Nardiz. The main nadir, Susumna nadir, extends from the Muradala (root) chakra at the bottom of the spine to the Saharara (crown) chakra at the top of the head. Maintaining the balance of the seven main chakras or energy centers is essential to keep our Plana flowing freely, so that we will feel energetic, calm and painless.

Pain usually occurs in the tissues around the spine /Sushunna Nadi when emotional energy is blocked. Through conscious asana (posture) and breathing (breathing), yoga can help release your vitality or breath in this central channel and help create a healthy back without pain. The magic of yoga is that this practice solves all the causes of pain at the same time, from the inside out. Once your Plana flows freely, it will be easier to solve the specific external problems of back pain.

The three main muscle factors leading to chronic back pain are weak core, tight waist muscle and tight hamstring muscle. When you strengthen the core composed of your abdomen, back and trunk, you create a protective belt for the spine. Yoga is also an excellent way to open the front waist muscles or hip flexors, which are usually the cause of lower back pain. Stretching and lengthening the hamstring muscles also helps to keep the waist wider. Comprehensive yoga practice will help you achieve these three long-term spinal health goals.

Of course, if you have suffered an accident or spinal disc injury or sprained muscles and ligaments, make sure you have solved the acute pain before starting yoga program. Once you are ready to support your posture, create a stronger core and maintain a healthy spine.

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