Branch Out with More Uncommon Styles of Yoga

Branch Out with More Uncommon Styles of Yoga

Change is a good thing! We know it's a wonderful feeling to step on your yoga mat and practice with your favorite teacher. We all have our own favorite types of exercises, whether it's from Astanga to Wenyasar to strength to yin. Mixing helps us keep fresh in spirit and emotion, and ensures that we will not hurt ourselves physically because of too many repetitions. So take risks and try something new this week.

Have you ever heard of yoga in katona? There are more and more discussions about this increasingly popular style. Katona focuses on alignment, but less muscle alignment and more sacred geometric principles. It involves paying attention to organs, not muscles, and tries to change your perspective by handling posture in different ways. It combines the yin and yang principles of Taoism, but does not focus on one. You will feel more like you are in a workshop than a fluent Vinyasa class, and the benefits are far-reaching. See if it resonates with you.

Tantra Yoga: The use of the term Tantra is distorted, so many people associate it with sex. Tantra means weaving or expanding. Tantra Yoga helps you live in harmony with your true self. When your inner connection is closer, you will be more likely to deepen your relationship with others. This practice teaches us how to integrate the whole person-body, spirit, energy, wisdom and happy body-to find out what our deepest desires are and pursue them for the ultimate happiness. Tantra Yoga Class combines various styles of Hatha Yoga, such as Kundalini and Astonga, depending on the instructor. Chanting and meditation are also key parts of the practice.

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga is a form of Bakti Yoga (devout yoga) and Raja Yoga (royal yoga). It is a practical systematic yoga style, which combines patanjali's eight-legged yoga path and Shakti Yoga (yoga using your personal energy). A typical Kundalini course consists of three parts, an opening hymn, a spine warm-up and a Kria, which is a special sequence of postures and breathing movements. Fans of this yoga style like it because it evokes a sense of freedom and purpose from within.

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