Benefits of Doing Yoga to Music

Benefits of Doing Yoga to Music

It is common to enter any yoga class and add some music to your yoga practice. The combination of music and yoga practice can help your mind find stillness, help you get into emotions and get on the mat. It's hard to take your attention away from your busy life in an hour. Music can help you transition to a more focused state.

Music can affect the whole brain and help it relax, just like meditation. It can help the mind slide into a state of creating happiness and tranquility. Music can help you get into the best state of yoga practice and connect your mind, breath and body with the rhythm.

Regular yoga is good for your body, including increasing strength, flexibility and circulation-and it is also good for your brain, including reducing stress level and enhancing attention. A good music playlist for yoga practice can help you get more benefits.

Here are some ways that music can help you practice yoga.

Practicing yoga and listening to music are actually very similar activities. They can not only improve your happiness, but also make you feel positive. Just as yoga is good for psychology, so is music. It has been proved that music can relieve anxiety and lower the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body-sometimes higher than taking anti-anxiety drugs.

Listening to music can also put you into a "state of flow", which is a state of consciousness, allowing you to feel and play your best. When your brain is in a flowing state, it will enter the edge state between alpha waves-you may think that this is related to daydreaming and rapid eye movement sleep. In short, this means that your brain temporarily stops emitting beta brain waves and temporarily closes the prefrontal cortex, leaving you lost in the present. When you practice yoga, it is an ideal mental state, paying full attention to what your body is doing, without distraction.

Music can also help us set the mood of yoga practice. Music actually affects and can change our emotional state when listening to music. For example, listening to an optimistic song with a faster rhythm may motivate you to act faster when communicating with it.

Listening to music can actually help you absorb more oxygen. This is because our body is naturally connected with the rhythm, and we breathe in time with the rhythm. This can help you find more energy in yoga practice, stimulate your brain and set your mood. Studies have even shown that listening to music can help release dopamine-also known as happiness hormone!

Music can also stabilize your nervous system, which can help your body relax and reduce anxiety. This, in turn, can help your body produce chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which can keep you calm and satisfied and connect with your body-this is the perfect mental state in yoga class. Music also helps to reduce stress levels in the body, such as lowering your heart rate and respiratory rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Music also helps to support our health, which may be why you started practicing yoga. Music can help promote cell growth and immunity. In addition, because music helps fight stress, our body has better digestion, circulation, breathing and more energy!

Music can also be the cornerstone of the connection between mind and body and others. From the dawn of time, human beings have a relationship with music and rhythm. Music is regarded as a way of expressing and connecting the whole world. In yoga class, music helps us clear our thoughts and get along with ourselves and others better.

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