Be Gentle

Be Gentle

You may have heard that yoga is simple, but not easy. In Yoga Sutra, patanjali lists the eight-limb path of yoga and emphasizes how to practice continuously over time. Just as you change other types of physical training to keep your muscles and bones in the best condition, changing the strength of your body posture will protect you from overuse. If you practice every day, it's great to adjust your schedule to keep your health.

Deceleration is as powerful as leveling. In fact, slowing down provides an opportunity to really focus on your breathing and every asana. True yoga practice is inherent. We use physical exercises to calm our thoughts and balance our emotions. Of course, sometimes you really need to move and take a vigorous exercise to get the pleasure of yoga. But a gentle exercise will also help you get close to the static place.

What do we mean by gentle yoga?

Generally speaking, mild yoga classes include extra modifications, slower speed, and more relaxed or therapeutic postures. When you keep your posture longer, you will sometimes use props, you will get less external stimulation, and you will find it easier to shift your attention to the inside. Sometimes, through an active asana exercise, the emphasis becomes more physical, and through a more gentle flow, you can enter your mind and heart more easily.

All the benefits you get from yoga practice are the same: muscle strength and flexibility, calmer mind and softer heart. Mild yoga is also helpful to better digestion and help insomnia. A more gradual approach will make you feel safer, especially when you are recovering from an injury, have more physical limitations, or want to make sure you protect your muscles and joints.

Besides, if you often take strenuous exercise, milder exercise is a good way to supplement your health. Therefore, for example, if you are preparing for 10k or triathlon, you can take a gentle course on hard training days and a vibrant Vinyasa on non-training days. Nobody wants to consume it too quickly, right? By practicing more gently, you may also feel more relaxed immediately.

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