7 Epic Outdoor Yoga Destinations

7 Epic Outdoor Yoga Destinations

Yoga is an exercise that can be performed anywhere, as long as you have a cushion and a quiet space. It's very easy to take your yoga practice outside, but have you ever considered taking your yoga practice overseas or internationally?

There are many beautiful outdoor attractions around the world for you to spread out the mats, and the nature and scenery there are part of the yoga experience.

Yoga deeply symbolizes nature, from the names of many postures (trees, mountains and postures named after animals) to the corresponding elements of some postures (earth, air, water and fire).

Yoga communities are spread all over the world, so there are special places where you can have a purposeful and beneficial yoga travel adventure and take your yoga practice outdoors.

There are six exotic yoga destinations, where the scenery is as charming as the practice itself, and there are plenty of opportunities to practice yoga outdoors.

Rishikesh, India

Yoga originated in a small town at the bottom of the Himalayas, Rishikesh town in India. Located along the Ganges River, this town is a holy place for Hindus. There are plenty of yoga classes, retreats and workshops in the town, so don't worry even if you don't book in advance. Or you can even practice by yourself and overlook the beautiful rivers in the city.

There are other things to do here, such as visiting local temples, rafting or swimming in the Ganges River, or other spiritual workshops. You can also go further and visit some notable places, such as Moussouris, Dratum, Jimla or Dharma Sarah, the residence of the Dalai Lama.


Nepal is a place where many yoga enthusiasts can explore, and there are other challenges (Mount Everest, is there anyone? Nepal is a part of the Himalayas. It is a spiritual place worth exploring. There are sacred Kathmandu Valley, amazing nature and snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas. There are many yoga dojo for you to practice, enter those downward dogs and enjoy the majesty of the largest mountain range in the world.


Thailand is a popular destination for travelers and yoga lovers. Many yoga teachers and schools hold retreats and trainings on Thai islands. This is a good destination, combining your yoga practice with some traditional Thai massage to help stimulate your meridians. In Thailand, there are many other outdoor activities to enjoy, such as snorkeling, hiking, surfing and relaxing on the beach.

Thailand is also a cooking destination for Thai food lovers, so after practicing there every day, your taste will be satisfied.

Bali Island

Bali, Indonesia has become a popular destination for yoga vacation, with many opportunities to practice yoga, relax and enjoy the beautiful environment. The best place to go for yoga is Ubud or Canggu, but if you don't mind taking a boat, there are also yoga destinations on Geely Island. There are also amazing temples and beaches to explore, and massage can be used to relax painful muscles.


Australia is one of the more modern places to embrace yoga. Yoga was introduced to Australia in the 1940s by a western yogi named Michael Wolin. During your yoga pilgrimage, Australian spiritual places like Wu Lu Lu are worth visiting.

Byron Bay is also a holy place for yoga lovers. There are many yoga studios and farmers' markets here, and there is a relaxed attitude during the beautiful beach time. It is also the perfect base for exploring the Early Warning Mountain Rainforest Park, which offers the most breathtaking scenery in Australia.

If the urban environment is more suitable for you, there is no shortage of high-quality yoga in beautiful studios in big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney.


Hawaii is a real paradise for practicing yoga. Many established yogis offer studious courses in Maui, but there are also courses on every island.

Beach yoga is very popular here, as well as limb yoga and paddle yoga, so you can find a place to practice outdoors. There are many other activities, such as hiking or whale watching, or just relaxing on the beach to cultivate your mindfulness.


Although Italy may not be the first place to think of yoga, open-air villas in places like Tusakai and Almafi Coast are becoming more and more popular and become amazing yoga resorts. Italy is rich in hills, ancient buildings and primitive Mediterranean coastline, which is enjoyed by all senses.

Italian way of life, take your time, enjoy the good things in life, and enjoy every moment, which can supplement yoga, if becoming more relaxed is one of the goals.

After enjoying a day of nature and practicing yoga, who doesn't want delicious Italian food and a glass of wine?

Finally, anywhere!

If you can't take yourself to an exotic destination, you can still practice yoga outdoors and feel the connection with nature. Practicing yoga in nature can help you replenish your energy. Spending time outside will send a signal to the brain to be vigilant, which can increase vitality and feeling of vitality.

Outdoor natural scenery can also raise your awareness, because fresh air can help you to be more aware of your breathing. Seeing the beautiful scenery also helps to release endorphins, and in different aspects outdoors-cool breeze, feeling the grass, listening to wild animals-it can help you turn practice into multi-sensory experience.

Practicing yoga in a new environment will also help to enhance your confidence and help you get out of the comfort zone through practice-especially if you are used to working in the same environment.

Finally, outdoor activities can help improve the benefits of meditation, relieve stress and feel calm!

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