3 Amazing Yoga Poses to Detox Your Body

3 Amazing Yoga Poses to Detox Your Body

After an indulgent Christmas, you may consider spreading out your yoga mat and returning to your fitness plan in 2021.

However, some of us may feel afraid after our vacation.

Detoxification yoga can refresh you and prepare you for the new year.

Do you think you need to purify and detoxify your body? You are not alone, because holidays are a common time for many of us to get rid of healthy eating habits or routine yoga or fitness habits. Fortunately, some postures can help you regain more vitality.

The following is the best posture for detoxification after our addiction.

Twisted Prayer Lunge

Once again, this twisted posture helps to strengthen your lower back and improve your posture-if you have been lying on the sofa for a day or two, it is perfect! This posture can also release any tension you have been pressing on your shoulders, which helps to release anxiety and pressure and make room for a more active year in 2021.

Start with "face-down dog" and then run forward with your left foot. Place your hands in the center of the heart and twist them from the heart to the left. The advanced change of this posture is to hook your right elbow onto your thigh, but don't worry if you haven't got there yet. Twist every time you exhale, then repeat on the other side.

Warrior II

Warrior is a strengthening posture that can help you bring strength to your body and mind in the new year. It can enhance physical and mental strength, and also help you clear your mind and release your emotions. Physically, it can also strengthen your legs and arms.

Start with a dog facing down, with your left foot between your hands. Turn your right heel down so that your foot is parallel to the edge of the cushion. Keep your arms upright, your arms backward, your left arm forward, keep your legs straight, bend your left knee above your ankle, and keep your right leg straight. Now lower your hips, lift your pelvis, and keep your shoulders and hips stacked. Repeat on the other side.

Three-Legged Downward Facing Dog

A big type of posture that helps detoxification is handstand. Dogs with three legs facing down also help to circulate your blood around your body and help you feel refreshed.

Start with "face-down dog", put your hand on the floor and let your left heel float up behind you. Keep your shoulders straight and your hands on the floor to create length and stability. Keep breathing 5 times, then try on the other side.

Bending the wide legs forward helps to promote circulation because it places the head under the heart. This posture also helps to promote digestion.

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